About Stephanie Roberts Art

Mosaic Art

Stephanie creates mosaic art and sculpture that embodies a defined reference to industrialisation. Her works combine delicately manipulated metal to mimic the ‘pencil line’ which she uses to define her forms and create contours subsequently applies mosaic theories and process. A sense of movement and depth embody her designs and her chosen thematics. An unique method of practice in contemporary mosaic art and Stephanie's signature technique.

Stephanie's art explores materials to convey a thematic according to the brief or clients direction, abandoned objects or specialised materials that support her mosaic technique. Her work is thoughtful, considerate and inspired by an extensive study into reference and visualisation. Imbedded are pockets of narrative that enhance a sense of a locality and act as social commentary to urban life.

Site specific artwork considers environment, location and light source maximising the tessera colour, luminosity and iridescences, a long side aesthetics and form. Tiles may even be hand constructed from found and manufactured materials to suit a peticular brief or environment. All these elements amplify the entrancing character and intruging nature of her mosaic art.

Heritage and cultural runs through the heart of her principal thematics and is embedded deeply into her work. The relationships between nature and contemporary life style ebb and flow through her designs bringing a warmth and gentleness to the artwork.

'The integration of organic design and sensitivity stands strongly next to the cold nature of steel, a personal response to the minimal female presence within a male dominated industrial working environment experienced daily.'


Fine Art

Stephanie’s installations and assemblage art brings a very contemporary approach to mosaic art. She uses abandoned and specific materials to inform the narrative using installations as an opportunity to discuss and bring awareness to her ideologies.

Installation art has encouraged Stephanie's mosaic artwork to lift from it confinements of cement and existing without boundaries and without restraints. Light, shadow and transparency have expanded her capacity to delivery interactive and engaging artworks.



Stephanie’s use of materials are chosen with great consideration. Materials are inspired by the thematic and location of the works, used to create and embed stories into the art that resonate with the geological and inform the context. A combination of glass, ceramic, gold reflect her mosaic backstory while slate, steel, concrete, wood and resin aid the delivery of her artwork thematic, often visualised as a museum of information ordered and on display.



Concise consultations with clients ensure that the location of the artwork meets the conceptual vision of the thematic. This ensures the process of design, material selection and delivery of artwork meet the requirements of local authorities, architects, designers and client, allowing for successful production and installation of the commissioned artwork.

Designing and visualising with collaborative artisans allows to integrate specialised artistry into the designs and constructions. These collaborations enable mixed media and sculptural structures to be designed with a team of artists and engineering / fabrication professionals.

Stephanie’s mosaic art practice has been developed through 19 years of exploration and experience with materials on numerous projects and with a variety of processes and collaborations.


Corporate clients

Tim Rice Design - Ffresh Restaurant WMC, The Royal Mint, The Wales Refugee Council, Women’s Aid,   Violence Against Women (VAWDASA), Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, Tenovus, St. David’s Hospice, Ty Hafan Hospice, Arts Alive, Wessex Water.

Local authorities

Newport City Council, Municipal of Puente Alto, Chile, Torfaen Council, Blaenau Gwent, Dorset County Council.